The Historical Wyuka Stables

Wyuka made extensive improvements in the early twentieth century including the brick paving of many of the roads, a greenhouse, and a new entranceway with a caretaker's house, administration building and gateway. The only building surviving from that construction campaign is the Stable, erected of brick covered with rough stucco in 1908-09. L. A.Lamoreau of Minneapolis was the architecht for those buildings.

The Stable has a wide center entrance that accesses an inner courtyard. The north portion of the building contained stalls for the horses that provided power for groundskeeping, carting, adn lifting heavy stones. Since construction of the Service Buildings in the northeastern part of the Cemetery in 2000, the Stable has gained a new use and name-The Swan Theater -offering Shakespearean and other productions in an intimate, open-air setting. A rehabilitation of the building was completed in October 2014 which transformed the Stables into a new event space.

For more information about the history of the Stables see the Wyuka Foundation Website.